4 Major Benefits of Using Drop Trailers for Your Shipping Needs

drop trailer

In today’s world, customers expect to get their orders delivered on time and will not take any excuses. It’s, therefore, becoming necessary for shippers and carriers to improve on efficiency and reduce dwell time.

One of the ways that any shipping company can reshape its supply chain is by using the drop trailer program.

Many carriers are already considering using drop trailers under the new hours of service regulations.

What Is a Drop Trailer?

This is a trailer that is left at a specific location for some time. Just like the name suggests, the truck trailer is “dropped” and later loaded or unloaded as necessary.

This is one of the trucking logistics used by shipment companies.

The drop shipping program gives drivers time to rest as required by the law. It is also used when shipping goods via a location that handles a large amount of freight. When using this program, it is essential to be aware of the freight type, destination, time limits, and more.

Drop trailers should not be used in the place of a warehouse and the trailer should also not sit for more than one week.

This program has a significant impact on the productivity of a supply chain. Shippers and carriers can plan better with a drop trailer.

Benefits of the Drop Trailer Program

Designed to increase the efficiency of shipping and transportation, and also to reduce a driver’s workload and costs, carriers stand to gain more with the drop trailer program. The trailer also allows for the prioritization of goods, and this means products will reach their final destination on time.

If you are considering using this program, here are some of the benefits that you should look forward to.

1. Better Service Levels

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), drivers are only allowed to drive for a maximum of 11 hours a day. They still, however, have to stay on schedule. Should a driver be detained, their next appointment and next shipment are affected.

When you use a drop trailer, you can significantly reduce the obstacles that drivers face. The program will give them an alternative place to drop or pick the goods, and they will not have to struggle to arrive at a specific time for an appointment.

The shipment will continuously be on the move. This is because if one driver drops it off, the other driver can pick it up almost immediately. In the end, you will experience accurate timings and fast shipping.

2. Convenience and Flexibility to Drivers and Carriers

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate that was introduced with the FMCSA changed the way carriers, and their drivers manage time on the road and at the loading facilities as well. The hours of service are strictly monitored.

Both the carriers and the drivers must now be very conscious of any delay and detention in the warehouses. This is because such delays have an impact on the revenue per truck and service delivery as well.

Shipping companies who allow carriers to drop trailers help the drivers to have a smooth, convenient, and flexible time unloading or loading the goods. They do not have to wait, and this means they will clock in and out on time.

3. Convenience and Flexibility to Shippers and Warehouse Workers

Warehouse workers can have an easy time managing their working hours using the drop trailer program.

Without this program, shippers need to have enough staff to load or unload trailers as they come in. This can lead to overworking employees, especially if you are understaffed.

With the program, warehouse employees can load and unload a trailer at their convenience. Shippers will maintain consistent staffing even during peak seasons when the volume of shipments is quite high.

This also means zero downtime for priority shipment, better service to clients, and improved customer satisfaction. Low priority packages can also be shipped at a much lower price, and this also gives carriers and customers the ability to manage their pricing.

4. Possible Reduced Shipping Costs

There are several costs involved in shipping that this program could possibly reduce.

First off, the program allows warehouses to cut down on most or all detention charges.

Shippers also have a must-arrive-date that they set for each shipping, and a drop trailer can help you to avoid fines related to the late arrival of a shipment due to detention charges or drivers running out of hours.

While it seems expensive for a carrier to dedicate a trailer to a shipper, the regular volume of the shipment, as well as a defined loading and unloading schedule, allows the carrier to have a precise pricing commitment. Note, the carrier may charge to store the trailer on site if the volume of freight does not justify tying up the equipment for extended periods of time.

When Not To Use a Drop Trailer

This program is not a favorable decision for your business if:

  • You are shipping perishable goods: This is because such products cannot stand any delays.
  • The shipment is very time-sensitive: Some trailers can stay put for a few days before being shipped, affecting deadlines.
  • You do not want to partner with the carrier.

The drop trailer program provides carriers with the perfect way of dealing with such situations and avoiding detention fees, late delivery fees, poor customer service delivery, and a bad reputation.

It offers a great solution to carriers and the customers too.

Consider Using a Drop Trailer For Your Business

Without the drop trailer program, carriers have to deal with the constant pressure of arriving in good time for their trailers to be loaded or unloaded. This is quite inefficient, especially if you consider some unpredictable delays that can be caused by bad weather, breakdowns, traffic conditions, and other unexpected events.

If you are interested to know more about a drop trailer program or want to use it, then you are in the right place. We are an independent truckload carrier company that offers the specific services that you are looking for.

Get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to help you streamline your business.

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