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Nationwide Agent Openings

Are you looking for additional income to supplement your customers T/L business? How about presenting your customers with a competitive & cost effective LTL program, using recognized National and Regional LTL carriers, & putting extra $$$ in your pocket every month! ATS/LTL is an additional tool that our agents use to get additional business from their customers. Our agents are adding $500 to $1000 a month to their income by moving their customer’s LTL shipments now. In addition, to our LTL program, ATS is going to pay agents larger commissions based on their customer’s pay schedule.

If you are interested in joining the ATS team of freight brokers, please complete the Agent Pre-Qualification form or e-mail us at We will then contact you immediately.



ATS has nationwide openings for Broker Agents. The primary role of a broker is to help companies that need to ship cargo find a trucking company that can deliver the shipment on time and in good condition and provide any extra services that may be required – all at a competitive price.


ATS freight broker agents are experienced independent contractors who work from home or their own office. Our brokers are professionals enjoying the benefits of being their own boss and designating the location of their daily workplace. We offer a high level of service to our customers and expect the same from our brokers. In return, you will be able to keep a significant percentage of the profit that you work so hard to earn.


All agents are given access to our operations software via the Internet. It is here that you enter your freight movements, dispatch drivers and run logistical reports. The software is easy to learn and simplifies your daily tasks. ATS freight brokerage has earned an excellent credit rating from Dunn & Bradstreet and as a result, carriers are eager to provide their services.

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