ATS Helps Navigate the Complexities of International Trade.

We know that your shipping needs extend past the borders of your state, and even this country. International shipping means the breadth of your brand is expanding, and your growth is important to us. We offer transportation into international markets and we are here to assist with planning, coordinating, and executing your worldwide and cross-border needs, including air and ocean options.

We have many options where international is concerned, and can provide as many or as little as necessary. Whether you need freight shipped to the door or to the port, exported or imported, need a broker for freight clearance, or just need a competitive freight cost, ATS is here to make the process as simple and affordable as possible.

There are many details that make international shipping much less concise than national shipping. As the shipper (exporter or importer) you are taking ownership of the legality of the goods being shipped, import duties, paperwork legitimacy, and any changes that may arise in the event of an unlikely occurrence (i.e. port strike, customs inspection, or delivery situation). It is important to gather regulations and restrictions for any given country you are buying or selling goods to, as this will illicit smooth transporting of freight.