The 4 Major Trends Affecting Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics in 2019

transportation and logistics

While the world of self-driving freight and shipping devices are snagged by legal concerns, they’re looming heavily on the horizon. If we look at any kind of film or television show set in the future, self-driving seems normal. With transportation and logistics needs changing, you can rest assured that your end of the supply chain will be okay. Especially when working with ATS Logistics!

However, here are four major trends to look out for in the coming year.

1. IT is Changing Everything

There’s no way to overestimate the power of information technology in the world of shipping and logistics. With everything from how your clients track their packing to how they get in touch, IT is automating, collecting data, and creating dynamic predictions. In your supply chain, you’re going to find technology making everything more efficient while eliminating flaws and snags that you thought were permanent.

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complicated. People want to have all of their products arrive within two days or less, even as production facilities disperse around the country. The only answer is for everyone to be connected together to track and store data in order to retain the dynamism customers need.

Advanced IT solutions allow you to send push notifications to your customers to update them on orders. It also allows you to check your inventory and order history from a remote location. With the storage and security solutions that advanced tech allows for, you get the chance to communicate safely across any boundaries.

2. Globalization is Huge

While we all know that physical barriers are becoming less and less relevant, there are still logistical issues to worry about. Just because data doesn’t have to stop at customs doesn’t mean that your packages follow the same rules. Globalization has caused people from around the world to find out about your products and services and become loyal customers.

Globalization is also part of the trend in emerging markets. Those markets that are young and just starting to become powerful are going to want to set themselves apart with a company that is ready to serve them. It becomes your imperative to reach out and become a part of those markets.

Most companies have an international element as a standard of how they operate. If you want to enable the trend of consumers looking to companies like yours to provide products and services they need.

You also want to be ready for mature companies and economies looking for businesses like yours. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to finding companies to fulfill needs, but you can set yourself apart with a keen ear to the ground. By listening for which markets aren’t getting the service they deserve, you’ll be ahead of competitors.

3. Compliance Matters

If you want to ensure that you’re on top of what’s happening in the world of transportation and logistics, you need to get a little bit more technical. There’s a lot to find out when it comes to compliance. The way that markets are changing is deeply connected with the local laws that are created.

There has been bribery and corruption at every level for a number of years. Given that multinational companies have a lot to lose when it comes to their business, it’s important to stay above board in every respect. Make sure that you’re paying people on the books and that there are receipts for every transaction.

When you’re exporting goods, keep tabs on everything as you move. Logistics companies can track everything as you go along so that you have the paperwork you need if you have to account for something.

Low-cost production facilities might be located in places where it’s hard for you to communicate or you might not know the ropes. Logistics and shipping companies can run you through what it takes for a company like yours to be legal and accurate when it comes to corruption and transparency.

Talk to your logistics and shipping provider. If this is a concern because they’ll know how to give you what you’re looking for when it comes to peace of mind.

4. There's More Visibility Than Ever

If you ever wanted to have end-to-end visibility, there’s never been a better time than now. Thanks to demand-driven planning, there are ways to communicate that were never before seen. If things change on your end, your logistics company might know before you do.

Sourcing and supplying your company with the things they need is an endless climb. You’re always missing something or if you’re meeting one demand, you’re overlooking another. Rather than trying to deal with the kind of visibility problems that you think are important, leave it to your logistics provider to worry about.

When you know what’s coming or how things might be changing, you can meet the capacity as it changes. With expanding and contracting markets, you get the chance to scale up and down as necessary, without breaking your efficiency.

With the complex dynamism of changing supply chains, you don’t need to follow all of the sourcing locations. You’ll only see data and information about how long things are going to take. If you connect all the moving parts, your logistics company can handle orders even if they get smaller and more frequent as changing needs demand.

Transportation and Logistics are Moving Targets

Trying match up the changes in the world of transportation and logistics is challenging if you don’t have the inside track. Thankfully, logistics experts have been watching the field change and know what to look out for.

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