What Is Expedited Shipping and Why Should Your Business Offer It?

expedited shipping

We live in a world of instant gratification.

Thanks to modern technology, we can meet most of our needs almost instantaneously. Consumers expect to have things delivered to them in record time.

The business world is no different. We live in a globalized market where goods need to be shipped more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Businesses look to reliable freight shipping companies to provide expedited services to deliver goods to their consumers and business partners.

Shipping time is more important than ever, no matter where the goods are being shipped to. If the deliveries are urgent or time-sensitive, this is especially true.

Keep reading to learn more about expedited shipping and how outsourcing your expedited freight can benefit your business.

What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited freight shipping has the goal of moving goods to the location they need to go as quickly as possible.

This means cutting out all wasted time and moving the goods to meet the time-sensitivity goals of the business. Expedited shipping is ideal for businesses who need to deliver goods during a set time frame.

The modern economy has increased the need for expedited shipping by prioritizing fast and reliable long-distance deliveries. Traditional freight shipping takes more time by making multiple delivery stops and taking inefficient routes.

Expedited freight companies meet their goals by making few stops along their routes. Their number one priority is the timely delivery of their cargo.

These companies help businesses by streamlining the shipping process to ensure the timely delivery of goods. 

Who Benefits From Expedited Freight Shipping?

Technically, anyone who needs a delivery made in a timely manner can use the benefits of expedited shipping.

Expedited shipping works for packages of any size, large or small. You can ship anything from a few pallets to an entire truckload. Whatever you need can ship out to you quicker than you might expect.

There are many industries that can benefit from the use of expedited freight services. For instance, medical facilities who need emergency supplies delivered need goods moved quickly.

Factories, including auto manufacturers, have to follow strict manufacturing schedules and need inventory replenishment fast. They rely on expedited freight shipping to meet their goals.

Another example is the oil industry. Oil drilling and mining operations often need replacement parts delivered immediately when equipment breaks down to keep their operation going. These are only a few examples of industries who need expedited freight shipping.

The fact of the matter is that any business that needs to ship goods for an urgent delivery can benefit from expedited freight shipping. Many businesses have incorporated expedited shipping as part of their supply chain strategy. It lowers inventory-related costs and allows for more flexible scheduling. 

Why Businesses Should Outsource Expedited Shipping

Now that you know a little more about how expedited shipping works and what types of industries can benefit from its use, let’s take a look at some more reasons for businesses to use an expedited shipping company.

Outsourcing expedited shipping needs to a company that specializes in the service can bring about many benefits for your business. 

To Save Costs

Of course, the most obvious benefit of expedited freight shipping is that goods get delivered on time. However, many businesses don’t realize how important this benefit is.

When goods aren’t delivered in a timely manner, it will hurt your bottom line in many ways.

For one, the cost of expedited shipping is much less than the cost of poor customer service. Reputation is more important than ever in the business world.

Fixing mistakes can be costly, but not being able to fix them can be even worse. One bad review can cause serious damage to your bottom line.

Also, expedited freight shipping reduces your risk of goods becoming damaged during transport, hurting your bottom line.

Outsourcing your shipping needs means you will not need to maintain a shipping department at your facility. This allows you to scale your shipping needs more efficiently.

You only pay to ship what you need as opposed to the costs of maintaining your own shipping and logistics department.

To Focus on Your Business

Outsourcing your shipping needs will free up time and resources that you can use to focus on your own business.

Why waste time and resources on shipping logistics when you can focus on doing what you do best? Leave the shipping to the pros and divert more resources to the core of your business.

Your company will not need to have its own transportation or logistics manager. The shipping company you use will have industry experts on staff.

Shipping Companies Are Experts

Chances are, your business will not have the staff and resources that a dedicated shipping company does.

Your company will not be able to move time sensitive-goods as efficiently as industry professionals. They have many more resources and experience at their disposal than your in-house team.

They also have advanced technology with access to shipping metrics. These will increase visibility through real-time status notifications and shipment tracking. This will lead to increased satisfaction of your customers. 

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As you can see, using a freight shipping company to ensure delivery will improve your business operation as a whole. You’ll no longer have to worry about production delays while you wait for essential goods. Everything you need will be ready when you are!

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