What is Last Mile Delivery and Why Do You Need It?

last mile delivery

Did you know that 61% of customers are willing to pay extra for same-day delivery service? Because of this, expedited shipping has grown in popularity over the years.

An important part of making expedited shipping work? Last mile delivery service.

Delivering products and goods to customers is a lot like a relay race. And last mile delivery is the last leg in that relay race, which oftentimes is the moment where a race is won or lost.

That’s why you, as a business owner, should consider investing in quality last mile delivery service. You’ll be able to offer your customers expedited shipping, which can help you grow your business and keep your current customers happy.

But what exactly is last mile delivery? And do you need it for your business? If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, wonder no longer, because we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what last mile delivery is, and break down the pros and cons, so you can see why it’s right for your business!

Now then, let’s get started!

What is Last Mile Delivery?

First, it’s important to establish a basic understanding of what exactly last mile delivery is. Last mile delivery is the movement of a product from a transportation hub, like a warehouse, to its final delivery destination.

Of course, this is a very crucial part of any delivery process, especially when it comes to meeting delivery window deadlines.

Because of this, companies have begun to put a strong emphasis on last mile delivery. This means your competitors are most likely already offering this, so if you’re not, you’re probably behind the curve.

The biggest reason why companies are doing this is that last mile delivery deals with the direct interaction with your customers. This, of course, is when the customer will actually receive their product. It only makes sense that a business would want to make that experience a positive one, to increase the likelihood of repeat customers.

The Pros of Last Mile Delivery

The benefits of investing company resources into last mile delivery are numerous. Perhaps the biggest benefit, however, is improved shipping times.

We’ve all ordered something online and then constantly checked our phones to see how quickly that product would arrive. Amazon, in particular, has even built its brand on next-day delivery. This is one of the things that helped it become a juggernaut in the eCommerce industry, as well as one of the largest companies in the world.

We touched on this briefly, but with quality last mile delivery services comes the option to track packages. This is beneficial to both you and the customer, as it keeps everyone in the know as to where the package is at any given time. So if you’re always getting calls from your customers about packages, this will eliminate, or at least greatly reduce, those phone calls.

If your company deals with products that are hard to ship, like larger items or hazardous packages, last mile delivery is the only way to go. Your service provider will have an idea of what it is they’re shipping, as well as how to handle it the right way. So you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that your products are in good hands.

The Cons of Last Mile Delivery

Of course, no product or service is perfect, and last mile delivery does have a few faults. The biggest of which revolve around the last mile delivery service provider, which of course is out of your hands, for the most part.

For instance, if your logistics company has poor infrastructure, that’s going to reflect on you and your business. If the drivers aren’t good, take bad routes, or handle the products improperly, customers are going to blame your company.

This is why it’s imperative that you choose the right last mile delivery provider so that you can get the best results possible and limit any issues.

Also, your customers are going to have that tracking service up 24/7, which has the possibility of making them even more impatient. Simply put, they’re going to want their products even faster than before, and that’s out of your hands, which isn’t ideal.

Last but not least, you can expect an increase in overhead, should you decide to invest in quality last mile delivery service. Of course, companies like Amazon have proved that customers don’t mind paying more to get their products faster.

So this shouldn’t affect your bottom line, as long as you price accordingly.

Breaking Down Last Mile Delivery

Well, there you have it! Those are the basic details of last mile delivery, including the pros and the cons. As you can tell, the good far outweighs the bad, which is why you should consider the service for your business.

You’ll be able to get your products shipped out to customers faster, and offer them more accurate delivery windows, too. This will lead to happy customers, and smoother workflow for you and your staff, which is always a good thing.

While you may have to spend more to ship products, the data shows that customers are willing to pay more to get their products faster. This means you can ship your products in less time, and not lose any money, which makes last mile delivery a no-brainer.

Looking to get last mile delivery service for your business? Want to learn more about the service and how it can work for you? Contact us today, we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

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